Fláget Dubé, LMSW

Fláget Dubé, LMSW

Adults, Trauma, EMDR, Telehealth Only
Fláget believes that therapy is a profound journey in which the therapist creates a compassionate, safe space for a client to explore, validate, and slowly release emotional, mental, and spiritual pain. This pain can take the form of old traumas, inner conflicts that affect current behaviors, or difficulty resolving strained relationships. Flaget has accompanied those dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, mood disorders, sexual abuse, and grief/loss.

She holds a Master of Social Work with a focus on Trauma Counseling. and has walked with individuals, couples, families, adolescents and adults. Her training includes EMDR, a specialization in DBT, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), and Psychodrama.

Additional Training: 

Fláget also holds a B.S. in Occupational Therapy (OT) with specialized training in neurology and trauma's impact on the brain. Flaget practiced OT using sensory processing and movement techniques that can be useful with mental health issues. In addition, she holds a Master of Theology. While she is committed to her own faith journey, she respects and learns from each person's spiritual path. If desired by the client, Flaget is skilled at companioning those who have been hurt or disillusioned by their faith traditions as well as walking with clients in discerning their unique spiritual paths.

Fláget believes that each person's beauty and truth are inside waiting for encouragement to be known and expressed. Entering this process can lead to more freedom, creativity, and healthy risk-taking in one's current life and relationships. To contact Fláget, call 480-718-1261 or contact us here.