Alexandra Ridel,  LMSW

Alexandra Ridel, LMSW

Children, Adults, Trauma, EMDR, Sand Tray

I am so happy you are here and thinking about therapy. I believe that everyone can benefit from therapy, and the first step of beginning therapy is being curious about who your future therapist might be. To me, the most important component of therapy is the therapeutic relationship. With this, my aim is to provide you with a space that is curious, safe, nurturing, healing, playful, and expressive. In this space, I’d like to help you explore feelings, identify resilience, strengthen your relationship with yourself, and experience growth. Each individual is unique, and your therapeutic treatment should reflect this uniqueness. I use several different modalities to ensure I am meeting you where you are at. With adults, I incorporate DBT, MCBT, poly vagal, and sand tray into the session. With children, toys are the language of play, and I honor that by utilizing experiential play therapy, sand tray, and poly vagal techniques in session. I understand that it’s not ideal for each individual to meet in person for an appointment, and because of this, I offer appointments in the office or through a confidential virtual telehealth platform. Asking for help can be difficult, and therapy can seem intimidating, but If you are reading this, you may be ready to take that first courageous step. I welcome the opportunity to cultivate a safe space for you. To contact Alexandra Ridel, please click here.